New extra packages added to the mix!

Here it is our first HUGE update!

  • Added A sail boat with 2 Lods (low poly LOD is divided in 4 pieces)
  • Added 2 collectible amd item packages!
    • One includes several types of treasures
    • The other includes  treasure chests and relics

All these assets can work on any game engine (specially Unity), a source version of the new assets will arrive soon!


El Dorado Items.unitypackage 42 MB
Nov 28, 2018
El Dorado Items 2.unitypackage 19 MB
Nov 28, 2018
Boat.unitypackage 15 MB
Nov 28, 2018
PBR Toon Boat.pdf 358 kB
Nov 28, 2018
PBR Toon Mayan Items and Collectibles 2.pdf 651 kB
Nov 28, 2018
PBR Toon Mayan Items and Collectibles.pdf 367 kB
Nov 28, 2018

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