First art pack released: PBR Hand Painted Assets: El Dorado

Description and little story:

This Art package includes 4 different top down enviroments with EL DORADO as main theme. It were made for a project which evolved in a way that these assets are no longer useful. So we decided to sell to the public.

Due to the asset's nature, its updates will be focused on fix possible mesh issues, add new meshes using actual texture atlases or add simple functionalities to use on them (or its prefabs).


  • V 1.0: first release

Planned Updates:

  • Fixes depending on feedback
  • Simple Scripts for different uses with scenario's elements.


  • 4 enviroment themes: Catacombs, Golden Temple, Gardens, and Palace
  • 1 Material per enviroment with 2048x2048 hand-painted atlas textures
  • each material consist in 4-5 textures (Diffuse, Normal, PBR Metallic, Occlusion and Emissive).
  • an extra Metallic/Roughness/occlusion map for custom shaders (More info in documentation).
  • optimized for mobile
  • prepared for vertex snapping, 3D tile editors and map generators.


  • 78 Prefabs
  • 72 Meshes
  • 18 + 4 Extra 2Kx2K texture atlases
  • 4 Materials (each material uses Diffuse, Metallic PBR, Normal, Oclussion and, 2 of them, Emmisive Textures)
  • 4 animation controllers
  • 4 animations
  • 2 example scenes
  • Documentation PDF
  • Special edition includes a non-unity version, so you can use it in other Game Engines


PBR_Hand_Painted_Assets_El Dorado_V_1.unitypackage 101 MB
May 14, 2018
El Dorado 3D 101 MB
May 14, 2018
PBR Toon Mayan Top Down Enviroment.pdf 2 MB
May 14, 2018

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