Presenting: Itchy Palette Tools

Finally the day has come!

We proudly presents Itchy Palette Tools.

If not the only, the best solution of tools to manage sprite color palettes where you set the restrictions (System Palettes, number of colors per palette, etc.).

This tool have been developed with homebrew developers in mind, which want to port their games to the Unity Engine taking advantage of all (new and old) tools and features, also developers which wants to develop their 2D games in an old school way. The shaders included in the package can be used on sprites and tilemaps aswell. You've got also at your disposal extra assets and shaders to use Unity 2019.2 new tools and render pipeline.

we hope you're as excited to get and experiment with these set of tools as we are presenting and launching it.

We'll maintain the tools updateds with fixes, new tools and new features for the existing tools (The palette creator have a lot of potential).

In the next post we'd like to show more video tutorials and the roadmap.

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Itchy Palette Tools V 1.0 350 kB
Aug 13, 2019
Itchy Palette Tools 2019.2 Sources 27 kB
Aug 13, 2019

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