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This package of tools and shaders have everything you need to generate texture channels needed for palette swapping.

No coding needed. Save time creating palletes for swapping and adapting them to a System Color Palette (like NES, Megadrive/Genesis, etc). Generated palettes and system palettes can be as large as you desire.

Homebrew developers are welcome to use this tool to port 8-16 console/computer games to Unity.

Tools included:

- Texture Palette Tool: from a texture asset, it will generate a greyscale and a palette based on its color data. Those generated assets are needed for the material/shader.

- System Palette Generator: from a texture asset, it will generate a scriptable object storing all colors. This can be used in the palette creator to adapt the colors to the respective system color palette.

- Palette Creator: create your palette painlessly from scratch, or using a palette texture as reference. Also you can adapt the actual color palette with system palette. Merging colors if necessary.

the package includes 2 sprite shaders compatible with the generated assets from these tools: Lit (affected by lights) and Unlit (default):

- shaders can be used on sprites and tilemap renderers

- Compatible with Unity 2019.2 new 2D tools and render pipeline. new shaders and scripts/tools are included for that purpose.

Asset Store link: http://u3d.as/1AbA

This page is intended to be used as the tool's official website. Here you can send feedback, download tool's example resources, , etc.

Buying this product on this site, you'll be able to get access to beta and final updates before send to Unity Asset Store.


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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